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"The pattern of progress can be compared to an oncoming tide-wave after wave moves onward seemingly with the same upsurge, but once in a while, one of the waves reaches ahead of the others, and then seems to be followed by the others, until the same motion occurs anew. Progress always moves forward-it is never still. The minute one feels that a certain level has been achieved at that precise moment one stops progressing, unless one tries to reach a higher level still or else regression starts and the level goes down. Perfection does not exist, but the ambition to reach it makes for unending progress and self satisfaction."  Bonade 

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Dented Flute

flute-dents1.jpgThis is a school flute,
Dented Flute Edit Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 June 2005
flute-dents1.jpgThis is a school flute, that has over 67 dents, I stopped counting after that!! The action that caused the denting also left many of the tone holes out of round, posts and rods bent. Needless to say it doesn't play and very few of the keys even move.
Now the school has to buy a new flute for $350-600 even just buying the body would be over $150usd plus the cost of refitting, perhaps there is a better solution?
See what the flute looks like after $150 of work.
First the dents were pushed out with a mandrel. Then I used dent hammers( though not on tapered parts of the tube), dent rollers and burnishers, finishing with buffing and washing.
flute fixed.jpg
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