Professional Performing Musicians, Band teachers and Discerning Amateurs send their instruments to us. Expert woodwind repairs and advice that only a first class performer/teacher and repairman can give. Since 1991 serving the North from Prince George.

Standard industry rates.

On site repairs and instrument assessments $75/hour out of PG area .55/km

Discount on bulk repairs.

Next day service full rate.

Call 250-563-4693 to book a repair or contact me though this site. Do not just send instruments unannounced as I may be performing, out of town, touring or finishing a commission. Especially if you need a fast turn around contact me to book a time sometimes I only have a couple of instruments in the line but sometimes I have  over a 100 many of which can be major jobs.




April 2020

 Repairs are still going on. They are shipped/ delivered to us we disinfect them, fix them, disinfect them again and ship them back.

Email us and we will put you next on the list.

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